Mobile Top-Up    

Add money to your prepaid wireless account or someone else’s with just a few taps.

  • All major carriers
    Top-up prepaid wireless accounts for a wide variety of U.S. carriers and international carriers in 33 other countries.
  • Free top-ups
    Domestic U.S. top-ups are completely fee-free. International top-up prices vary, but can be checked in the app.
  • PIN products
    You can purchase PINs from a number of carriers and redeem them directly in the Sprint Money Express app. Note that PIN products are subject to prepaid wireless carrier availability.
  • Choose a carrier
    You can top up prepaid wireless accounts on many major domestic and international carriers. Select the one the account is on.
  • Choose an amount
    The app will ask you for the top-up amount or allow you to purchase a PIN amount. Note that PIN products are subject to prepaid wireless carrier availability.
  • Submit your order
    The app will allow you to review your order before it's final and authorize the payment. Once you've approved the order, you'll receive an email receipt for the transaction (including your PIN number if you purchased one). The top-up amount will be applied instantly. View your recent Mobile Top-Up orders anytime in the app and amounts are applied instantly after order payment has been completed. PIN products are not applied until the buyer manually applies them.
Domestic top-up is free. International top-up prices vary by product. You can check the price of a specific top-up product in the app by clicking Mobile Top-Up.
You can add prepaid minutes to your wireless phone plan, as well as other prepaid wireless accounts from 33 countries, including the U.S. To check if Mobile Top-Up offers a specific prepaid wireless carrier, sign in to your account in the Sprint Money Express app and select the Mobile Top-Up option.